Each buyer of our products, in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, has the right to replace a product of inadequate quality with a similar one, if the product cannot be used for its intended purpose, or does not satisfy him, for example: in terms of shape, dimensions, style, color, size.

The time for product exchange is 14 days from the day of purchase, excluding the day of purchase (for some products, we offer a longer period). It is important to take into account that the exchange of goods is carried out only on the condition that its appearance has been preserved, it has not been used, consumer properties, labels, seals are preserved, as well as documents confirming the purchase in our store.

Provided that there is no similar product in stock at the time of the exchange, the buyer has the right to exchange the product for a similar product upon its first arrival in the warehouse, or to purchase any other products from the available assortment with a corresponding recalculation of the cost, or to return the money in the amount of the cost returned goods.

It is possible to return the product of the appropriate quality and collect the money, if all the conditions listed below are met and the similar product required by the buyer is not available:

The product was not in use
Fourteen days have not passed since the day of purchase
Product appearance, consumer properties, seals, labels have not undergone changes
The product is included in the list of products subject to exchange.

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