• Ford Ranger T6 2012-2016 Titanium Roll Bar

    • Precisely crafted to embody the pinnacle of safety, utility, and elegance in off-road vehicular adventures.
    • Fashioned from premium-grade iron, this roll bar demonstrates unwavering durability and dependability, engineered to withstand the rigors of the most demanding terrains with unwavering fortitude.
    • Distinguished by its aerodynamic contours, this roll bar epitomizes sleekness, flawlessly blending into the vehicle’s profile while optimizing aerodynamic efficiency.
    • With easy installation and an authentic, off-road design, our roll bar efficiently merges with your pickup truck, while enhancing its off-road prowess.
    • Safety remains paramount in the design of our roll bar, as evidenced by the inclusion of integrated side handrails, engineered to provide protection against lateral impacts.
    KSh85,000KSh98,000 Excl VAT

    Ford Ranger T6 2012-2016 Titanium Roll Bar

    KSh85,000KSh98,000 Excl VAT

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